Official launch

Official launch
Launching (pronounced minimal dot ai)

Today marks a very special milestone for me and the team after months of hard work.

We introduce the official version of our AI design assistant for AI design assistant for architects and interior designers to redesign and visualize their designs and ideas.

We have listened to feedback provided by our incredible testers and users in the past months and provided new tools, more intuitive user interface and more.


Canvas is our newest tool to mask (InPaint) part if your image and generate new output based on user instruction for the masked area only, leaving the rest of the image untouched.

Arch Diffusion

We are happy to announce that tools are powered by our own model Arch Diffusion v0.9 which is an AI model personalized for Architecture and Interior Design.


Aiming for more user control, now we provide scenarios which enables users to choose the desired output whether to be just render (visualization) of the input image or complete redesign with more alternatives for the input design.


Now users can choose from ready presets to control output image style. currently we have 7 styles: Realistic, CGI, Night, Snow, Rain, Sketch, Watercolor and no style mode which relies solely on user prompt.

Polished UI

We have built user interface from the ground up to be way faster, clear, intuitive and easy to use for both industry professionals and design enthusiasts. Also provided prompt guide for users with no prior experience on how to write prompts.

Can't wait to know your impressions while we continue to work hard to deliver better models and user experience for you!

Love from
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