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Redesign exteriors and interior spaces using our AI tools to create design variations in seconds.

AI Architecture Redesign


1-click AI render using 6+ styles to create night shots, realistic, cgi, ink sketches, and more.

AI Render & Visualization

AI render tools to level up your architecture design workflow

8+ tools, 40+ styles to render or redesign in seconds


Exterior AI Design
Sketch to Image

Sketch to Image AI

Transform your hand-drawn or digital sketches into stunning, fully rendered shots. Unlock the power of generating design variations from a single sketch, providing you with unparalleled flexibility.

Exterior AI Design

Exterior AI

AI render for Sketchup, Blender, 3Ds Max and revit models. Renders viewport or clay models in seconds. Generate various architecture visualization for exteriors using render tools.

Canvas AI Inpainting

Canvas AI

Easily modify parts of your designs with just masking it in seconds. Use inpainting to add landscaping in your backyard or an artwork on a living room, unlimited possibilites.

Interior AI Designer

Interior AI

AI interior design renderings. Reimagine any room or interior space with more that 20+ interior design styles to create stunning interiors in seconds. Control finishes, colors and lights.

Landscape AI

Landscape AI

Stuck with landscape ideas? Redesign landscaping ideas for your building entrance, backyard, garden or any landscape area with more than 15 different landscape styles.

Concept Statement AI Generator

Concept Generator

Generate professional, precise, and compelling architecture concept statements for your projects using just keywords, beautifully narrating your project's story.

Exterior AI Design

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Frequently asked questions (pronounced "minimal") is an AI rendering platform developed to assist architects and interior designers in optimizing their workflow by generating renders and redesign options for exterior and interior designs within seconds, rather than hours. provides free credits upon registration for trying out our various tools. After that, an upgrade to one of our Pro plans is required.
Yes, generated designs can be used for commercial purposes after upgrading to any of the Pro plans.
Yes, our AI tools can generate AI renderings using input from popular modeling software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, Sketchup, Blender, or any 3D software.
Our AI render tools don't require any special software or coding to use. Just upload your images and generate!
You can use the "Sketch-to-image" AI tool to upload your freehand sketches and describe the desired outcome. Within seconds, a fully rendered sketch using AI will be generated.
Yes, using the "Canvas" tool, you can mask and highlight the parts that need modification and write a prompt to describe the required changes. will generate a modified design tailored to your specific use case.
mnml AI rendering tools are designed to assist designers, project managers, sales professionals, students, educators, and even individuals with no prior knowledge who want to generate design ideas and renderings.
With tools like "Interior AI" and "Landscape AI," you can generate home decor ideas for your interior rooms and even for your home landscape, such as your backyard.
Credits for Pro plans have no expiration date, and you can use them at any time you prefer.